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Luck and a German lesson

Hi Doris from Cheap Psychology here. During my vocational training  many moons ago, I had a boss who was very fond of repetition and quotes............... and his own voice......

This one was a favourite and with a bit of experience in life now, I happen to agree:

+ Opportunity
= Luck

Him being German, he obviously said it in German. So here is your German lesson for today:

I used the earth tone powders with two techniques that give a different finish:

1. On the right of the canvas above, I used a stencil and molding paste (Golden Medium). If you can spread butter on toast, you can spread molding paste through a stencil. Take the stencil off and sprinkle your embossing powder on, it will stick to the wet molding paste as it would to ink.
I tend to start using my heat gun pretty much straight away to melt the powder. For one, I do not have the patience to wait for the molding paste to dry and two I quite like what happens to the molding paste when it gets heated at different speeds.
On the canvas above I actually got interrupted and the molding paste had dried for about an hour. I heated the embossing powder fairly slowly so the molding paste would not bubble up. As a comparison, on the canvas below I embossed immediately after spreading the molding past and went full speed. The molding paste bubbles up filling with air and the embossing powder melts over it, keeping the bubbles in place and that gives fantastic texture.

2. For the second technique I used my oven and achieved a very smooth finish with the earth tone embossing powders. The letters were quite small  and I knew I would burn my fingers trying to emboss them. So I inked them up, sprinkled them with embossing powder and collected them on a metal tray. The tray went into a 190 degree oven, just after I had taken out the Sunday Roast :)
It  took about 50 seconds and I had a smoooooooth finish. Quick and easy! It is really worth trying the earth tones as they come in such gorgeous strong colours.
Have fun!!


  1. Love your canvas and tips. Nice to see out of the box ideas.

  2. F A N T A S T I C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That´s such a stunning project!!!!


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